Sunday, November 1, 2009

What Should Be In Your Bachelor Pad

Entertainment: It is important to have a relatively large television screen. No one can fully relax with a small television and who wants to watch sports on a miniature TV? Having a DVD player with a variety of movies is a also a must. Make sure to have a stereo system with some major power behind it, meaning tons of watts.

Couch: The couch is one of the main attractions to your pad whether it's with a few friends or with that special someone. It has to be big enough for multiple people, comfortable and soft. Be sure to keep it clean, no one wants to sit on a couch full of mystery stains.

Bar: Some type of bar would be a nice feature for any bachelor. Make sure to stock it full of different mixes so when you bring home that lucky lady you'll be able to make her whatever drink she desires. Keep some wine around, one red and one white. You'll look sophisticated and classy, always a plus.

Kegerator/beer fridge: A man needs to have a fridge devoted only to beer. You can either fill that kegerator with your favorite beer or a variety to your liking Just remember the key is this is your extra fridge not your only one.

Bed: A man's bed has to be large. A king or queen size bed is a must. The one thing to remember is that it is always nice to have cool and crazy sheets on your bed. Clean sheets are a plus too. Ladies like to check out the bedroom so keep it interesting, you never know what might happen.

Accessories: The accessories to any bachelor pad are all about the man who lives there. If you're going to keep plants in your place, make sure you keep them alive. How are you going to impress a woman if you have dead plants in your place? Beer signs or movie/music posters are always a nice touch for the basement but best avoided in the living room and bedroom.

Clean bathroom: Please, please don't let her walk in there and find no toilet paper. If you're near the end of the last roll you should probably go to the store now. Clean the sink. No one needs to see the after effects of your shaving episode.

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